Lace cookies

It is a biscuit that combines very well with desserts. Try it with a scoop of ice cream or with a delicious Crème Brulee.
It is a dough based on sugar and butter. Well known in Bruges (De Brugse Kletskoppen) and Veurne

Kletskoppen also called Dentelles de Bruges.
This is a hard and very thin crispy biscuit. These are still made as they were made in 1880.
Although they used to be sprayed on the plates with a piping bag, we have now found a machine that takes this over from us.
Because the cookies come out of the oven as shiny as a chatterbox, they don't just have their name.
Also called Brugse Dentelles because they are so fragile and with the holes they look like pieces of lace.
Lace Cookies Product File 
Handmade in Bruges since 1880