Where are we located?

Oud Huis Deman is an old artisanal cookie bakery:
Our products can be bought from small specialty stores mainly:
Including - Chocolatier Spegelaere
     - Sonneville
     - Kaashuis den Hof
     - De Kaasbolle
     - 2be (in Bruges)
     - Diksmuids Boterhuis
     - Tante Marie
     - Chocolatier Dumon
     - Deldycke Catering
Our cookies are a perfect match for coffee, naturally
Including - De Garre
     - De Siphon
     - De Estaminet
And some of the bigger stores carry our quality cookies as well:
  - Carrefour
We also supply our product range to some specific distributors:
- Bloemendael en zoon
- Meynendonckx
- Confiserie Blomme
- De Pauw
- Maîtres Confiseurs
- Bogaert De Smet
- Horeca Totaal
- Snoepcenter Lingier
Handmade in Bruges since 1880